Purchasing Department


Most all purchasing activities of Cummings Properties are handled by this department at 200 West Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801. Some limited buying is also done at Cummings Center in Beverly, MA, but strictly for that facility. James Gillette has managed the department since 1991.

Because of the huge volume of materials purchased, Cummings acquired Aberjona Valley Distributors, Inc. in 1996, and often purchases its construction materials, equipment and supplies through AVD. Although the Cummings organization directly employs more than 200 regular full-time mechanics of all sorts on its own year-round payroll, it still completes the largest portion of its new construction and tenant fit-up work in its first-class suburban Boston office space through outside contractors.

The Purchasing Department works hard to secure the lowest competitive prices it can on all purchases and all construction contracts. Because it also has a very strong policy of guaranteeing fair treatment and prompt payment of all its obligations, it enjoys decades-long relationships with dozens of primarily local contractors. At the same time, it remains very open to considering new contractor relationships in all trades and will readily work with qualified firms of any size.

Cummings' managers and mechanics have a reputation of going out of their way to work with outside contractors to eliminate wasted work and to help them to complete their contracts with Cummings on a timely and profitable basis.

With the dependable aid of outside contractors, the Company is able to maintain a steady, year-round work volume for its own teams of highly-skilled mechanics. As of 2008, the Company's work force had accumulated a total of more than 2,100 years of cumulative seniority. The Company notes that in 40 years it has never experienced a layoff of staff due to a "lack of work".

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