Cummings Design Department


From building construction to client fit-ups, decorative landscape design, digital and print advertising, signage, and marketing-nearly everything produced by Cummings Properties begins in its in-house Design Department.

Our design team consist of architects, space planners, engineers, and graphic and web designers.

This enables the department to produce a large volume of diverse high-quality projects in the areas of: Architecture, Structural Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Space Planning, Interior Design, Laboratory Design, Construction Management, Site Layout, Fountain Design, LEED/Energy Star, Solar PV System Design, LED Lighting Displays, Photography, Video Production and Editing, Web Design & Development, Media Design and Art Direction, and Environmental Graphic Design.

Studio Culture

Our teams work closely at the office and enjoy spending time together after hours. Individuals are encouraged to display their diverse personalities and bring original ideas to our design concepts.

Project Photos

From concept to creation, Cummings Properties takes pride in its in-house capabilities. Each project's design, construction, leasing, and management are all handled in-house. Many long-term employees have crossed disciplines, contributing their knowledge to other teams, which strengthens the Company's overall performance and abilities.

43-44 Dunham Ridge - high bay flex building

51 Dunham Ridge - Research and Development Tech Center

Elliott Landing - luxury condominiums

Prova - client buildout

Building towards the future

Over the last five decades in the commercial real estate industry, Cummings Properties has grown to design, build, and manage more than 11 million square feet of commercial space in 11 north suburban communities and continues to grow.