Venture mecca for entrepreneurship


No geographic area in America, or perhaps the world, has a stronger concentration of entrepreneurial and venture-funded firms than greater Boston. From Boston's earliest colonialdays, circumstances dictated the need for world trade. This clipper ship trade was financed in many cases by America's earliest venture capitalists.

Today there are more than 60 degree-granting colleges and universities clustered in and around this compact city on the Charles. Indeed, many of these schools, including Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, Tufts, MIT, UMass, Northeastern, Emmanuel, Simmons, Babson, and a dozen others, are all within walking distance of one another on a nice day. And each year, more than a hundred thousand new local college graduates and post-graduates are minted into the area work force.

Most of the colleges provide strong encouragement for student-founded new businesses, and, upon graduation, many of these young entrepreneurs benefit from special programs of Cummings Properties to help brand new start-ups into their first real business homes. The Firm has awarded more than a million dollars, now, to winners of business plan competitions in eight area colleges, and is considering greatly broadening that program well beyond just the local area schools.

Although Cummings Properties is not a venture capital provider in the traditional sense, Cummings sometimes provides venture funding for qualified firms to cover the full cost of rent. To apply for this program, contact Cummings' president and CEO, Dennis A. Clarke, at 200 West Cummings Park, Woburn MA 01801,

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