Built out lab suites from 900 SF
 High-tech Client News
• VCs put $15M more into BioTrove at Gill Street
— Mass High Tech, March 8, 2006
• Defense wins put sales on pace to double for composite maker Woburn-based Kazak
—Mass High Tech, March 5, 2006
• Aegis Semiconductor in Woburn secures $8M in fourth round
—Mass High Tech, March 2, 2006
• Cummings Properties' client Aphios awarded Japanese patent for nanobiology tech
—Mass High Tech, February 27, 2006
• Anika in Woburn gets EU OK to sell wrinkle filler
Mass High Tech, February 17, 2006

Cummings Properties is among the state's most alert and aggressive commercial real estate firms in leasing space for life science and other research users in Massachusetts, attracting biotech firms and other major research facilities. Long known as an early haven for start-ups, the 30-year old development firm also hosts major facilities of some of the area's largest and most active biotech firms, and can assist in the permitting process for a variety of applications.

Cummings leases office and research space in Woburn, Beverly, Medford, Burlington, Lexington, Cambridge, Sudbury, Wakefield, Stoneham and Wilmington, MA. Serving more than 1,700 different client businesses, with a total of more than eight million square feet of first class commercial space. Research businesses are a large part of its recent growth.

Almost two million square feet of the portfolio is currently leased to biotech, meditech, and other high tech companies. Among the larger Cummings biotech research and manufacturing tenants are Agencourt Bioscience; Anika Therapeutics; Antigenics; Center for Blood Research; Incyte Pharmaceuticals; Inotek; Medtronic Vascular Systems; Thermo-Orion Research; and ZymeQuest.

Cummings Properties' in-house architectural team has designed most of these high tech facilities, whose products extend from pharmaceuticals to prosthetics, and include medical instrumentation, DNA sequencing, and a human tissue bank. These laboratory facilities range from start-up incubator size labs, usually available for immediate, turnkey occupancy, to chemical labs and large-scale pilot plant manufacturing operations ranging to more than 100,000 square feet. Lease any size Massachusetts commercial real estate.

Cummings Properties' in-house capabilities include laboratory planning and design, custom fit-up, financing and complete construction services. Let us design the ideal high tech space for your business. Lease MA biotech or other life sciences research space from a Massachusetts leader.

AdvanDx, Inc.
Aegis Semiconductor, Inc.
Agencourt Bioscience Corporation
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
AgION Technologies, L.L.C.
Akceli, Inc.
Amgen, Inc.
Amphotech, Ltd.
Anika Therapeutics, Inc.
Antigenics, Inc.
Aphios Corporation
AXYA Medical, Inc.
Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Becton, Dickinson & Company (Discovery Labware, Inc.)
BioMolecular Assays, Inc.
BioProcessors Corporation
Biotek, Inc.
BioTransplant Incorporated
BioTrove, Inc.
Bistech, Inc.
Cambria Biosciences LLC
CardioTech International, Inc.
CBR Laboratories, Inc.
Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.
Chemgenomics, Inc.
Clinigen, Inc.
CNH Technologies, Inc.
Coatue Corporation
Creagen Biosciences, Inc.
Cutis Pharma, Inc.
Cybio USA, Inc.
CytoCure, LLC
Cytomatrix, LLC
Diagenics International Corporation
East Coast Clinical Research, Inc.
Elucida Research, LLC
Etex Corporation
Eyetech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Flexplay Technologies, Inc.
GeneXP Biosciences, Inc.
Globio Corporation
Hamilton Thorne Biosciences, Inc.
Hettich Instruments, L.P.
Hyaluron, Inc.
ImmunoDiagnostics, Inc.
Incyte Corporation
Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Insulet Corporation
Intercytex Limited
ivpcare, inc.
Lilliputian Systems, Inc.
Linden Technologies, Inc.
Marsh Bio Products, Inc.
Massachusetts State Pharmaceutical Association

Matsushita Electric Works R&D Laboratory, Inc.
Medtronic Interventional Vascular, Inc.
Meiogen Biotechnology Corporation
Mercury Therapeutics, Inc.
Millenium Research Laboratories, Inc.
Modular Genetics, Inc.
Nanosys, Inc.
Nantero, Inc.
Natural Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Neurological Models, Inc.
New England Biolabs, Inc.
New England P.E.T. Manufacturing & Distribution Center, LLC
Newton Laboratories, Inc.
Northeast Biomedical Research Institute, Inc.
NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals. Inc.
OraChrom, Inc.
Pierce Biotechnology, Inc.
PKC Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Predix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ProScience Analytical Services, Inc.
Proteome Systems, Inc.
Repromedix Corporation
Scion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Sensitech, Inc.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.
Soltec Ventures, Inc.
SRU Biosystems, LLC
Surgical Sealants, Inc.
Tecan Boston, Inc.
Thermo Electron Corporation (Orion)
Thermo Lab Systems, Inc.
Thrasos, Inc.
Tissue Regeneration, Inc.
TransMedics, Inc.
US Genomics, Inc.
Viacor, Inc.
VisEn Medical, Inc.
Waratah Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Waters Technologies Corporation
ZymeQuest, Inc.