Foundation history and scholarship information

Cummings Foundation, Inc. (CFI) was developed in February 1986 as a 509(a) private foundation. The vast majority of all funding has been internal, including the considerable growth of CFI's investments. Its only substantial outside funding was an early $100,000 contribution from Prudential Insurance Company of America. It is the foundation's expectation to continue its mission in perpetuity through investment growth and anticipated future bequests.

The foundation's first major charitable venture came in 1990, with the initial funding and ongoing sponsorship of New Horizons at Choate, a not-for-profit independent and assisted living retirement community in Woburn, Massachusetts. Built from the former Choate Hospital, following its bankruptcy, New Horizons now houses 125 seniors from diverse backgrounds. It is considered by many to be one of the finest communities of its type in New England. It has served as a state model for assisted living residences.

New Horizons Marlborough, LLC (NHM) became a part of Cummings Foundation, Inc. when the stock of NHM was donated to the Foundation on March 31, 2002. NHM currently serves 400 seniors in one of New England's largest and finest retirement communities. Located just off U. S. Route 20 in Marlborough, Massachusetts, NHM offers a wide array of living options, beginning with 154 "very independent" residences in five buildings called "The Meadows."

With net assets of more than $200 million, the Foundation is poised to either expand in the area of not-for-profit assisted living facilities or, perhaps, to acquire and/or partner with other needy entities in its central New England service area. Partly toward that end, the Foundation began in 2002 to substantially alter the makeup of its board of trustees to include new trustees who have no direct relationship with Cummings Properties. It is expected that these new Community Trustees will often be in a position to know of major community needs with which the Foundation, in time, may be able to assist in significant ways.

Directly or otherwise, William S. and Joyce M. Cummings of Winchester, Massachusetts provided most of the foundation's financial base. Joyce is a former hospital dietitian who graduated from University of Alabama and completed her dietetic internship at Massachusetts General Hospital. Among other activities, she has been a director of VNA Hospice Care, Inc. and Winchester Community Music School, and president of ENKA Society of Winchester, as well as co-chair of Winchester Friends of VNA Hospice Care, Inc. She is also a former trustee of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and chaired the women's golf program at Winchester Country Club.

Bill is founder and chairman of Cummings Properties, LLC and several dozen other corporations, and is very involved in numerous community activities. He is a graduate and trustee emeritus of Tufts University and a former overseer of Tufts Medical School. He has also served as an elected member and chairman of the Winchester (MA) Planning Board, a director of Winchester Hospital and a community bank. He is president of not-for-profit New Horizons at Choate retirement community, and was founding publisher of three community newspapers. Bill is also president of Cummings Foundation, Inc.

Cummings Foundation is run by a board of 12 or more trustees. It will concentrate much of its funding in the communities where Cummings Properties staff live, and from which many assets of the Foundation were originally derived. The most active ongoing program of the Foundation, other than New Horizons at Choate and New Horizons in Marlborough, is the McKeown Scholars Program. The largest financial commitment is to Tufts' to Cummings School of Veterinarian Medicine in Grafton, MA.



McKeown Scholars Program

Cummings Foundation Inc. developed the McKeown Scholars Program in 1996, in memory of James L. McKeown, late president of Cummings Properties and former managing trustee of the foundation, who died suddenly in 1996 at the age of 41.

In his honor, CFI set aside one million dollars to perpetually fund at least 20 merit scholarships each spring of $5,000 each, to outstanding college-bound high school seniors in communities where Cummings Properties has substantial interests. Through June 2002 CFI has awarded almost one million dollars in scholarships, while the fund principal has grown to more than $1,600,000!

Mr. McKeown was a well known business leader, widely respected for his outstanding professional expertise, as well as his mild manner, unwavering integrity, compassion, and far-reaching desire to provide opportunities to others, particularly young people.  He left his wife, Denise, and two very young daughters, Kelly and Molly.

A Woburn native and graduate of Woburn High School, Salem State College, and University of Vermont, Mr. McKeown also studied at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and had lectured at Massachusetts Center for Continuing Legal Education.  He was a marathon runner, competitive swimmer, bicyclist, golfer, and tennis player.

Spending his entire working career with Cummings Properties, Mr. McKeown maintained many community roles, including service as member and treasurer of Woburn Industrial Development Finance Authority and president of Woburn Business Association. He was once selected as "Boy of the Year" at what is now Woburn Boys and Girls Club. Closely associated with that organization nearly all his life, he went on to become the first alumnus ever to be elected a director, and then served two terms as its youngest president, as well.

Eligibility and selection criteria for the McKeown Scholars Program represent qualities, values and achievements Mr. McKeown embodied and would most likely have considered himself in determining award recipients. Some of these criteria include scholarship, excellent writing ability, community service, reputation for fairness and integrity, and a demonstrated concern for helping others.

The McKeown Scholars Program per se recognizes the very top high school graduates in most of the communities where Cummings Properties has significant interests. To be considered as potential McKeown Scholars, candidates must be in the upper 20% of their graduating class, and must then write a 500-word essay under exam conditions on a subject announced at the time of the essay competition.

All essays are then anonymously graded, and a committee at each high school selects the actual $5,000 merit award winners for that school, based on essay results and personal interviews, plus other evidence of each candidate's writing skills, community service, and overall aptitude. Financial need is not considered a factor, and Cummings Properties has no direct involvement in the actual selection of any winners. All winners also receive handsome commendatory plaques.


2003 McKeown Scholars Program
•General Administration Instructions
•Timeline for Participating Schools


McKeown Scholars essay topics

“Describe any thing(s) in your life that has/have changed since the national tragedies of September 11, 2001. How do you believe your life may or may not be permanently altered by these events?

“You are assigned to mentor a junior high or middle school student, in preparation for his or her entrance into high school. Identify and explain three of the most important lessons you can impart to the student, based upon your own high school experience as it prepared you for adulthood.”

“Identify what you believe to be the single most significant issue or problem facing your community at present, and prepare a persuasive argument to convince your city/town administrators to act upon your proposed solution to the issue/problem.”


“Your community has been nominated as one of 20 finalists across the nation in TIME Magazine's 1999 Top 10 Municipalities of America competition. Your 500-word essay, to be read by the selection committee, will determine whether your city/town is or is not selected as a winner. Please prepare this essay, offering in a highly persuasive manner all reasons why the community where you reside should receive this prestigious recognition. Write and edit your document, as necessary, using all time allotted.”

“If you were writing your autobiography 20 years from now, how would pages 187-188 read?”

“Throughout your years in this school system, name one teacher who has had the most significant impact on your development. Describe specifically how that individual has contributed to your success.”


“Neighborhood Scholarships”

In addition to the McKeown Scholars grants, Cummings Foundation Inc. FI also awards a wide array of “neighborhood scholarships” to the highest achieving high school students who earlier graduated from elementary schools in close proximity to the largest Cummings Properties facilities.

Awards of $1,000 each are given each spring to the top 10 graduating seniors from each of the following five elementary schools: Ayers Ryal Side School and James L. McKeown Elementary School in Beverly; Linscott Rumford Elementary School and Goodyear Elementary School in Woburn. Additionally, five awards of $1,000 each are given to the top graduates of the Dame Elementary School in Medford and East Somerville Community School in Somerville. Twenty $1,000 awards are presented to the top-ranked seniors graduating from Marlborough High School.

In addition to the $1,000 scholarships, all High Achievement Award winners also receive framed certificates during ceremonies at their respective former elementary or high schools. The scholarships themselves are paid directly to the winners' colleges by Cummings Foundation. They may be used at any time during the five years following high school graduation. All past winners of both the $5,000 McKeown scholarships and $1,000 awards for high academic achievement are listed alphabetically below by city:


Beverly High School

McKeown Scholars $5,000 Award Winners

Karen Ballantyne—1997

Josie Black —1999

Laura Cancellieri—2003

Stephen J. Cottle —2001

Jessica Davidson—2003

Julie Flowers —1997

Rebecca Folsom—2003

Emily Kenney—2002

Sara M. Mailander —2001

Ryan Malloy —2000

Daniel Malone —1997

Katharine L. McFadden —2001

Sara Milaschewski—2002

Jacquelyn Miller—2003

Tara Murphy—2002

William Soares —1998

Kyle Staller —2000

Laura Sullivan —1998

Leanne Nagle —1998

Lindsey O'Connell —1997

Jennifer Remare —1998

Julia Reynolds —2000

Danielle Schneider —2002

Rachel Schneider —1999

Caitlin Sweeney —1998

Hillary Tirrell —1999

James Wilson —1999

Maria E. Witwicki —2001

Cummings Properties $1,000 Merit Award Winners

Jennie Allen —2000

Lauren Berg —2001

Christopher Besse —2000

Philip Bjork– 2002

Robert Bouton– 2002

Kevin Broderick —1999

Jason Brown —1998

Nicole Brown —2001

Jennifer Burhardt—2003

Brooke Butler —1999

Nathan Butrick —1998

Margaret Cohan—2003

Aime Colangelo—2003

Erin Conlon —2000

Sean Conlon– 2002

Michael Connelly—2003

Allison Correia– 2002

Laura Czarnecki —1999

Emily D’Amato —2000

Krystal Davis —2000

Kristen Dennesen —2000

Lauren Donnell —2001

Sarah Donnell —1999

Meaghan Dowdell– 2002

Rachel Elliott —2000

Emily Filadoro —1999

Emily Flowers —2000

Jennifer Fortin—2003

Jacqueline Gallagher —2000

Renee Gannon —2001

Richard Gardner– 2002

Christine Gilbert —1998

Kristin Gilligan—2003

Taryn Grossman —1998

Andrea Guidara—2003

Sarah Harding —2000

Matthew Haynes —1998

Katelyn Healey—2003

Jessica Herzog —1998

Mark Herzog– 2002

Ryan Hirschfield —2000

Kevin Kaylor– 2002

Steven Kaylor —2000

Norman Keating —2000

Tiffany Kossover —1998

Sandra L'Abbe– 2002

Caitlin Laracy—2003

Meghan Laracy —1999

Jamie Lee Lauranzano —2001

Matthew Lavoie —2001

Cori Lemelin—2003

Joshua Lewey —2001

Mary Ellen Lincicum —2001

Sarah Lloyd —2001

Andrea Lohnes —2001

Patrick MacDonald —2001

Ian MacGregor—2003

Laura Maguire—2003

Ryan Malloy —2000

Christopher Malone —2000

Jeffrey Manganaro —1999

Timothy Manganaro —2001

Amanda Mazzetta– 2002

Scott McCulloch —1998

Katharine McFadden —2001

Tara McKenna—2003

Lindsey Mears —1999

Maya Menezes– 2002

Marissa Mezoff– 2002

Jenna Mitton —2000

Thomas Milnes– 2002

Greg Mosher —1998

Carol Moulton —2000

Scott Munroe—2003

Patrick Murray– 2002

Sarah Naugler —2000

Sara Nerden —2001

Kathryn Newhall —1999

Calvin O'Gorman —1999

Teresa O'Toole—2003

Daniel Ouellette– 2002

Elizabeth Palaima —1999

Jenna Paddol– 2002

Nathan Pelletier —1999

Alan Petrosino —1999

Jody Petrosino —2001

Michael Phelan —1999

Thomas Phelan —1999

Michael Piraino —2001

Kristin Remon —1999

Victoria Richardson —2000

Rachel Schneider —1999

Heather Scialdone —1999

Mark Scialdone– 2002

Justin Shairs —1999

Amanda Simard —2000

Angela Sparrow —2001

Benjamin Sparrow —1999

Amelia Squibb—2003

Caitlin Sweet—2003

Angela Tallo —2001

Lindsay Tamilio– 2002

Patrick Taylor—2003

Christopher Theriault—2003

Janel Thomas—2003

Bethany Thornton —2001

Melissa Tobin– 2002

Sarad Tomlinson– 2002

Mari Trefry —1998

Kathryn Wilczek —2001

Marlborough High School
McKeown Scholars $5,000 Award Winners

Amira Bakr—2002

Evan Beamer—2002

Jamie Bennett —1997

Sarah Blake—2003

Susan Buckwalter —2000

Heather Cobb —2001

Naima Farrell—2003

Bernadette Foley —2000

Heather Foley—2003

Reena Kadkade —1997

Michael Kennard —1999

Lisa Mahoney —2001

Andrew Marino —1999

Lauren Rigney —1998

Lindsey Shapiro—2002

Christopher Scott —1998

Kathryn Scott —2000

Colleen Sullivan —1999

Carolyn Trapp —2001

Jennifer Wahl —1998

New Horizons $1,000 Merit Award Winners

Kane School, Marlborough

Christopher Alexander– 2002

Marcelo Arantes —1999

Wendy Atkinson—2003

Amira Bakr– 2002

Evan Beamer– 2002

Lindsey Bigelow—2002

Sara Blake—2003

Matthew Bollier —1999

Leah Boniface—2003

Sarah Boniface—2003

May Louise Booth —1999

Anthony Brodeur—2002

Griffin Bryant —2001

Erin Buckley —2001

Elizabeth Cherella —1999

Melanie Chung—2003

Heather Cobb —2001

Thomas Coiner —2001

Andrea Cunningham– 2002

Dianna Cunningham—2003

Isabella DeFreitas —2000

Kristen Desy —2001

Naima Farrell—2003

Aaron Ferrecchia —2001

Heather Foley—2003

Sara Freedman– 2002

Saila Ghanta —2001

Christine Gorgone —1999

Michael Gorgone—2000

Lindsey Greulich —2001

Kyle Haynes—2003

Shila Hill —2001

Caitlin Hoey—2000

Anh-Vu Huynh—2003

Linda Hynes—2003

Elizabeth Kivlighan —1999

Mary Ellen Klein —2001

Nicholas Kundu—2003

Stephanie Lai—2003

Odelia Lee —2001

Stephanie Leighs—2003

Nathan Kaplan—2003

Andrea Klein —2000

Nicholas Leoleis —2001

Colin Magee —2001

Meredith Maglio —2000

Lisa Mahoney —2001

Diana Maichin– 2002

Christine Marieni—2003

Shannon McCook– 2002

Jillian McDonough —1999

Jennifer Metcalf —2000

Katherine Mulvey —2000

Andrew Nawrocki —2001

Sean Navin —2000

Stephanie Pomerleau —2001

Joshua Reitz —2000

David Rezac—2003

Peter Rezac —2001

Daniel Richmond —2000

Kristen Richmond– 2002

Emily Rosenau– 2002

Abby Rosenswaike —1999

Jesse Saliga—2003

Benjamin Saur– 2002

Lindsey Shapiro– 2002

Nima Sharifi—2003

Nicole Sharon —2001

Steven Schutzman– 2002

Melissa Snediker– 2002

Jared Spencer– 2002

Anna Squires—2003

Timothy Sturges —1999

Christine Tran—2002

Jacqueline Vinci —2001

Chandra Willard —2000

David Wood —1999

James Wood —2001

Annie VanWert —2000

Amanda Zompetti– 2002


Medford High School

Cummings Properties $1,000 Merit Award Winners

Dame School, Medford

Nicholas Adams – 1999

Jean Almonord – 1999

Jennifer Bears– 2001

Lindsay Bosak —2000

Lauren Brady —2000

Jennifer Briggs—2003

Annemarie Catricala– 2001

Robin Cheriakalath – 1999

Bobbin Cheriakalath —2000

Margaret Collins – 1998

Robert DeStefano– 2001

Michael DiRenzo– 2001

Allison Goldsberry – 1999

Ashley Griffin—2003

Ron Issac—2003

Danielle Jentz– 2002

Michelle Laguerre—2003

Kerry Mahoney —2000

Stephanie McDonald —2000

Renee Ricupero– 2002

Leonard Rizzuto – 1997 ($5,000)

Alexis Russo – 1999

Dionne Russell– 2001

Christina Salvato—2003

Jennifer Sullivan – 1997 ($5,000)

Lianne Sullivan– 2002

Shannon Sullivan– 2002

Maryanne Yeager– 2002

Somerville High School

Cummings Properties $1,000 Merit Award Winners


Sarah Ahmed – 2001

Monika Ahmetaj – 1999

Jaime Bermudez – 1999

Laura Carvalho—2003

Gina Ciccolo – 1998 ($5,000)

Keith Coffey– 2001

Susanna Gomes—2003

John Hennessy – 2000

Melissa Holmes – 2000

Michael Holmes– 2002

Sid Jha– 2001

Joshua Kim– 2001

Jessicca Lawton– 2002

Christina Le– 2002

Minhui Lee – 1999

Xiao Li—2003

Dayse Louzada– 2002

Lan Luo—2003

Paul McDonald – 1999

Saul Mendoza—2003

Jessica Pagan – 2000

Justin Pliskaner – 2000

Vincenzo Stuto – 2000

Andrew Sinatra– 2001

Hai Hung Van Cong– 2002

Alex Wong – 1999

Stoneham High School

McKeown Scholars $5,000 Award Winners


Marc Azer – 1999

Deborah Berkman – 2000

Ann Marie Borchelt– 2001

Edward Breen – 1999

Peter Cucchiara—2002

Maura Costello – 1997

Natalie Cusato – 1998

Jeanine D'Angelo – 1998

Theresa DiDonato – 1997

Marlena Fecho—2003

Jacqueline Feke – 1999

Danielle Festino – 2000

Xavier Garcia– 2001

Lin Gan – 2000

Corinna Jay—2003

Keith MacLeod—2003

Anne L. McDonnell—2002

Julie O'Donnell—2002

Erika Paone – 1998

Shuanna Stanton– 2001

Wilmington High School

McKeown Scholars $5,000 Award Winners


Joseph Bamberg – 1997

Christopher Cassidy – 1999

Shannon Cunningham – 2000

Amanda Gustin– 2001

Athena Karalekas—2003

Michele Lemos– 2001

Lauren Olsen—2002

Kirsten Pizotti—2002

Scott Swiezynski – 1998

David Velardo—2003

Winchester High School

McKeown Scholars $5,000 Award Winners


Laura Anglin—2003

Shiri Avnery – 2000

Amanda Blaine – 1999

Joshua Blaine—2002

Jacqueline Chamberlain – 2000

Matthew Christian—2002

John Conway – 2000

Alison Criscitiello – 1999

Nicholas Danella – 1997

Michael Gilbert – 1998

Chad Hochberg—2002

Jane Kim– 2001

Paul Kuttner – 1998

Eva Lieberherr – 1999

Rhiannon Roberts – 1997

Clara Kim – 1998

Emily Leathers—2003

Sarah MacArthur—2003

Emily M. Nolan– 2001

Barbara L. Seymour – 2001

Margaret Sobkowicz – 1997

Diane Soboski – 1997

Woburn High School

McKeown Scholars $5,000 Award Winners


Erin Briere – 1997

Lauren Brown– 2001

Katharyn T. Burns– 2001

Bethany Callahan – 2000

Hillary Callahan – 1998

Julie Devaney—2003

Dana Dexter – 1999

Kristin Donovan – 1997

Lauren Doucette – 1998

Jason Fenton – 1999

David Fletcher – 2000

Tara E. Foley– 2001

Audrey Kate Gill—2003

Johanna Griecci – 2002

Robyn Heater – 1998

Courtney Iverson – 1999

Jane Kim– 2002

Katie Lennon – 2000

Timothy Loiselle—2003

Maria Luz Corpuz – 1997

Nilofer Khalifa– 2002

Divya Manoharan– 2002

Bryan McMahon – 1998

Joslyn McSheffrey—2003

Jessica Prince – 2000

Mary Samuelson – 1999

Susan Severance – 1997

Brian R. Skeffington– 2001

Melissa Skeffington – 1999

Higgins Memorial Scholarships -- $1,000 Award Winners

In Woburn, the awards for high academic achievement are known as the Higgins Memorial Scholarships. These 20 annual awards of $1,000 each are named in memory of New Horizons’ late trustee and Woburn’s much beloved three-term mayor, Thomas M. Higgins.

Mayor Higgins was highly respected for a lifetime of dedication to the city of Woburn. Even before his role as mayor and School Committee member, Mayor Higgins was widely identified as a strong advocate of opportunities for Woburn’s youth.

The awards are now given in his memory to the 20 highest ranked graduates who were earlier graduates of either the Charles Goodyear School or the Linscott Rumford Elementary School in Woburn. Following are all winners to date:

Robert Andersen – 1999

Michelle Bagarella– 2001

John Barker – 1999

Jason Barrow– 2001

Jennifer Beauchamp– 2001

Colleen Beeman– 2001

Kelly Beeman– 2002

Jennifer Brenna—2003

Katie Brogna—2003

Erin Bryan – 1999

Jessica Burns—2003

Sarah Carpenter– 2001

Kate Caruso – 2000

Michelle Celli—2003

Loryce Chambers—2003

Richard Chase– 2002

Edward Chisolm– 2002

Erin Chisholm—2003

Keil Collins– 2002

Kevin Collins – 1999

Stacy Cormier—2003

Brian DeMaio – 2000

Beth DiDomenico– 2002

Jacqueline Dixon– 2002

Marina Donovan—2003

Melissa Dudley—2003

Renee Dudley – 1999

Benjamin Eaton– 2002

Robert Eaton – 1998

Kristen Eldridge – 1999

Eric Farnkoff – 1999

John Femino– 2001

Suzana Fernandes – (1999)

Daryn Firicano – 1998

Dana Fitchett– 2002

David Fletcher – 2000

Annmarie Fumicello – 2000

Michael Fumicello– 2002

Katherine Gangi – 1999

Laura Garchinsky – 1998

Aaron Gatlin– 2001

Jennifer Gatta—2003

Pamela Gillis – 2000

Michael Gray—2003

Ryan Greene – 1999

Stephen Griffith – 1999

Christopher Hawkes– 2002

Matthew Handler – 2000

Danica Hak—2003

Renee Holmes – 1998

Jeannette Hon—2003

Julie Howe—2003

Sarah Hupprich – 2000

Courtney Iverson – 1999

Craig Iverson– 2001

Amanda Janetakos—2003

Aundrea Jarvis – 1999

Eric Johnson—2003

Shannon Knowlton– 2002

Kerrin Lally – 1999

Katie Lennon – 2000

Candice Lentini – 1998

Rebecca Leonard—2003

Laini Leto – 2000

Timothy Lundgren – 1999

Kelly Martell – 2000

Margaret McCarthy– 2000

Colleen McLaughlin – 2000

Bryan McMahon – 1998

Paul McSheffrey– 2002

Ivelisse Mendoza – 2000

Michael Marolda– 2002

Jessica McGonigle—2003

Dean Michelini– 2001

Alissa Moose – 1999

Nicole Moran– 2002

Sandra Moreno—2003

Matthew Morgan – 2000

Serina Muir– 2001

Ian Nance– 2002

Heather Oldham – 1999

Alison O'Neill – 1999

Colleen O'Neill– 2001

Richard Pano – 1999

Sumit Patel– 2002

Jessica Prince – 2000

Joseph Prizio – 2000

Tracey Provost– 2001

William Pumyea – 1999

Cindy Purdy– 2002

Thomas Quinlan– 2001

Steven Quinn – 1998

Victoria Ranieri – 2000

Valerie Rosander – 1998

Paul Saraiva– 2001

Abby Severance – 1998

Andrea Shannon– 2001

Jon Siafakas– 2001

Joshua Smith– 2001

Jaclyn Stokes – 2000

Michael Stokes– 2002

Kimberly Stone– 2001

Paul Taverna – 1998

Ryan Teves—2003

Matthew Toomey– 2002

Cheryl Towse – 2000

Kathleen Trickett – 2000

Amanda Tricomi– 2001

Jesse Widtfeldt– 2001

Christie Wilson– 2002

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