Woburn Area Medical Practices
Medical practices at Cummings Park in Woburn, MA are beginning to forge their identity as a tightly woven health services community in much the same way as at Cummings Center in Beverly. What's more, Cummings Properties also has an influential healthcare presence reaching beyond Woburn to Burlington, Stoneham, and Wilmington.

The Company's sound 40 year reputation as a premier firm within this arena has recently attracted scores of important medical practices to its facilities. Altogether, including Beverly, there are now more than 160 medical offices and other health-related providers located in these easily accessible locales. More than 70 of these physicians, dentists and other medical clients are located in Cummings' buildings within a mile or two of Cummings Park, Woburn.

Shown below, exclusive of Beverly, are the medical offices and other facilities of all sorts that have already opened in the Cummings Park vicinity. Section I (green) lists all physicians, surgeons, dentists, etc., while Section II (pink) includes mostly social services, psychological practices and counseling facilities. Section III (yellow) includes all other healthcare services, providers, associations, etc., all arranged alphabetically.

According to Executive Vice President Eric Anderson, Cummings Park and all of Cummings' medically designated properties provide a professional environment, modern technologically advanced facilities, and well-known locations. "These facilities offer both local convenience and the full range of diagnostic and treatment services to clients living and working in the Woburn area," he notes. Not to be overlooked, as a benefit to patients and medical providers alike, is the availability of cross referrals within the immediate area.

AcariaHealth Pharmacy
  160-E Fordham Road,Wilmington, Tel. 800-511-5144
Alphacare Home Health Agency
  500 West Cummings Park, S-5900, Woburn, Tel .617-600-4547www.acariahealth.com
Arthritis and Rheumatology Center
  Treatment of arthritis, joint and muscular diseases
Choate Medical Center, 23 Warren Avenue, S-150, Woburn,
  Tel. 781-938-3985
Robert Sands, M.D.
Khalid Syed, M.D.
Bader, Dr. Michael
  92 Montvale Avenue, S-3700, Stoneham, Tel. 781-438-5543
Michael Bader, D.M.D.
Boston Dental

300 TradeCenter, S-3490, Woburn

Boston Thermography Center

500 West Cummings Park, Suite 1550, Woburn, Tel: 617-389-3828

Burlington OB/GYN Associates
  Obstetrics & gynecology
101 Cambridge Street, S-160, Burlington, Tel. 781-272-4667
Kimberly Cole, M.D.
Marc F. Freedman, M.D.
Kathleen M. Leonard, R.N.C., C.N.S.
Peter J. Rotolo, M.D.
Cardone, Dr. Anthony

Family and cosmetic dentistry
800 West Cummings Park, S-1050, Woburn, Tel. 781-932-9320
Anthony Cardone, D.M.D.

Caring For All
  Provides family medicine & medispa options
800 West Cummings Park, S-2250, Woburn, Tel. 781-938-1888
Wynne Huang, M.D.
Cass MD PC, Leo M.
  600 West Cummings Park, S-1900, Woburn, Tel. 781-729-0511
Commonwealth Hematology-Oncology P.C.
  Cancer care
41 Montvale Avenue, S-200, Stoneham, Tel. 781-279-9047
Nasima Khatoon, M.D.
Compassionate Care
    Cancer Care
800 West Cummings Park, S-3400, Tel. 781-935-5550
DaVita Woburn Dialysis Center
  Kidney dialysis
Choate Medical Center, 23 Warren Avenue, S-190, Woburn,
    Tel. 781-935-7700

Michele Crage, M.D.
Dental Care of Wilmington

General dental and periodontist services
66-T Concord St., Wilmington, Tel. 978-694-1090
Yan Julie Lu, D.D.S., General Dentist
Mary Marefat, D.M.D., D.M.Sc., Periodontist
Patrick D. McCarty, D.D.S., Dentist Anesthesiologist

Ear Nose & Throat Consultants
  100 TradeCenter, S-750, Woburn, Tel. 781-937-3001
Eugene A. Mickey, D.M.D., P.C
  92 Montvale Avenue, S-4300, Woburn, Tel: 781-279-2400
FT Dental Corporation
  General dentistry
444 Washington Street, S-312, Woburn, Tel. 781-938-5100
Forough Tabatabai, D.D.S.
Gee, Dr. Peter E.; M.D.
  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
92 Montvale Avenue, S-4650,  Tel. 781-662-2229
Hallmark Health Cancer Care Center
  Hematology and Oncology
41 Montvale Avenue, S-550, Stoneham, Tel. 781-979-3000
Rebecca Eisenberg, M.D.
Carolyn Fallica, M.D.
Malgorzata McMasters, M.D.
Jamie Mortellite, M.D.
Joseph Pennacchio, M.D.
Hallmark Health System (Melrose-Wakefield Hospital)
  General medicine and various subspecialties
41 Montvale Avenue, Stoneham, Tel. 781-979-3000
Hand and Plastic Surgery Specialists
  Cosmetic and plastic surgery
92 Montvale Avenue, S-3300, Stoneham, Tel. 781-279-7930
Health Resources Corporation
  Outsourced occupational health and medical management
600 West Cummings Park, S-3400, Woburn, Tel. 781-935-8581
Jerry Berke, M.D.
Saul Cohen, M.D.
Danny Chin, M.D.

Fred Kohanna, M.D.
Brian Morris, M.D.
David Roston, M.D.
David Tamaren, M.D.
William Wheeler, M.D.
Insight Boston – Center for Diagnostic Imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging
800 West Cummings Park, S-1350, Woburn, Tel. 781-932-8650
Chervin, Paul
Fullerton, Albert
Ricardo Sanchez, M.D.

Kaye, Joseph E. M.D.,LLC
    300 TradeCenter, S-4400, Woburn Tel: 781-933-4200
Lahey Clinic
  General physician practice
66-X Concord Street, Wilmington, Tel. 978-694-9610
Peter Botchan, M.D.
Natalia Yurkovetsky, M.D.
Metrowest Neurofeedback
  144 North Road, S-1225, Sudbury, Tel: 978-443-6360
Judith A. Lytel
Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery
  800 West Cummings Park, S-4700, Woburn, 781-932-6487
Prodyut Poddar, M.D.
Shalini R. Reddy, M.D.
Neal Chaung, M.D.
Moon Hearing Services, LLC
  23 Warren Avenue, S-130, Woburn, 781-573-3277
Mystic Valley Dermatology Associates

Dermatology, dermatologic surgery, cosmetic & laser surgery
92 Montvale Avenue, S-3000, Stoneham, Tel. 781-438-6350
Stuart Bentkover, M.D.
Meighan D. Blanco, FNP
Steven Cronquist, M.D.
Julie A. Fenner, M.D.

Donald J. Grande, M.D.
Karen Morin Limaye, FNP
Gary W. Mendese
Krista Reis, PA-C
W. Zoe Stitt, M.D.

New England Urogynecology
    800 West Cummings Park, Suite 2550, Woburn, Tel. 781-460-2120
Sujatha Rajan, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgery
  92 Montvale Avenue, S-1400, Stoneham, Tel. 781-279-7040
Christian Andersen, M.D
Larah Bartlett, M.D.
Denis Byrne, M.D.
William Doherty, M.D.
Abraham Shurland, M.D.
Patel, Dr. Smita
92 Montvale Avenue, S-2200, Stoneham, Tel. 781-438-4300
Smita Patel, M.D.
Pilgrim Medical Associates
400 West Cummings Park, S-1825, Woburn Tel: 781-995-3799
Thomas W. Stinson III, M.D.
Rheumatology and Internal Medicine Associates, P.C.
  Internal medicine and rheumatology
64-C Concord Street, Wilmington, Tel. 781-988-9700
Sharon Stotsky, M.D.
Speel, LICSW, Karen
10 Tower Office Park, Suite 404, Woburn, Tel. 617-653-3229
Spoerri-Bowman, DO, Rebecca
  101 Cambridge Street, Suite 380, Burlington, Tel. 781-272-0379
Varallo, Dr. Daniel

101 Cambridge Street, S-140, Burlington, Tel. 781-425-5090
Daniel Varallo, D.M.D., M.S.D.

Winchester Hospital Chiropractic Center
  300 TradeCenter 128, S-4460, Woburn, Tel. 781-756-4706
Dr. Heidi L. Henrickson, DAACP
Dr. Gary M. Kane

Dr. Lee E. Zohn, DAAPM, CCSP
Winchester Hospital Endoscopy Center
  Outpatient day surgery center
10 Commerce Way, Woburn, Tel. 781-729-9000
Dennis G. Begos, M.D.
Patrick Brophy, M.D.
Fehmida Chipty, M.D.

Kelley Cornell, M.D.
David Fefferman, M.D.

Daniel Friedlander, M.D.
T. Jack Lee, M.D.
Eric Libby, M.D.
Jose Marcal, M.D.
Robert Muggia, M.D.
Michael Naylor, M.D.
David Siegenberg, M.D.

William Vanneman, M.D.
Winchester Hospital Pain Management Center

Pain management
444 Washington St., S-150, Woburn, Tel. 781-756-7246
John James Hutcheson, M.D., Director
Joanne Oh, M.D.
Andrew Sukiennik, M.D.

Winchester Physician Association, Inc.
    92 Montvale Avenue, Suite 3675,Stoneham, Tel: 781-460-2120
Winchester Physician Association
    New England Urologynecology
800 West Cummings Park, S-2550, Woburn, Tel: 781-460-2120
Sujatha Rajan, MD, FACOG
Woburn Medical Associates
  Internal medicine & various subspecialties
Choate Medical Center, 23 Warren Avenue, S-100, Woburn,
  Tel. 781-933-1198
Salvatore Albanese, M.D.
Peter Azar, M.D.
Harris Ghaus, M.D.
Arthur Kress, M.D.
Margaret Legner, M.D.
Jane Ndegwa, NP
Malini Sharma, M.D.
Woburn Nephrology Associates
  Treatment of kidney disorders
Choate Medical Center, 23 Warren Avenue, S-150, Woburn,
  Tel. 781-933-0710
Michele Crage, M.D.
Leonida Rasenas, M.D.
Zanjabee Integrative Medicine and Primary Care, LLC
  Winchester Hospital Affiliate
300 TradeCenter, S-4750, Woburn
  Tel: 781-933-7000
Basmaa Ali, M.D.
Arbour Counseling Services
  Comprehensive mental health services
500 West Cummings Park, S-3900, Woburn, Tel. 781-932-8114
Ruth Kinghorn, LICSW
Bournewood Caulfield Center

Outpatient counseling and mental health programs
Choate Medical Center, 23 Warren Avenue, S-140, Woburn,
   Tel. 781-932-0649

Broadley, Debra

Counseling services
400 West Cummings Park, S-6700, Woburn, Tel. 617-877-1374

Food Addicts in Recovery
    400 West Cummings Park, S-1700, Woburn Tel: 781-932-6300
Guilbault, Ph.D., Beatrice R.
  38 Montvale Avenue, Suite 175, Stoneham 781-279-0175
Hoekstra, Renee J.
    38 Montvale Avenue, S-265, Stoneham Tel: 617-835-3488
Victoria E. Kando, LMHC
  Mental health Therapy
10 Tower Office Park, S-304, Woburn, Tel: 781-462-1634
Montgomery Associates
  Alcohol and drug rehabilitation
400 West Cummings Park, S-3300, Woburn, Tel. 781-938-1138
Robert Montgomery, Ph.D.

O'Neill, Kathleen

  38 Montvale Avenue, Suite 170, Stoneham 781-254-1966
Psychological Care Associates
  Adolescent, adult, senior individual & group counseling
92 Montvale Avenue, S-2450, Stoneham, Tel. 781-646-0500
Michael F. Jacques, Ph.D.
Rancourt, Deborah, LMHC, LADC I
    Mental Health Therapist for adolescent and adult individuals and couples, and addiction treatment.
800 West Cummings Park, S-6925, Woburn Tel: 781-281-2348
Solutions for Living
    200 Boston Avenue, S-1900, Medford Tel: 781-306-1180
38 Montvale Avenue, S-207, Stoneham, Tel. 978-998-0524





25 Olympia Avenue, Suite K-600, Tel. 781-774-9394


Alliance Imaging, Inc.
  Diagnostic medical imaging services
196 Boston Avenue, S-1100, Medford


Anesthesia Safety Products
  300 TradeCenter, Suite 5400, Woburn, Tel. 781-933-6900
  300 TradeCenter, Suite 7690, Woburn, Tel: 781-281-7950 www.AvantLasikSpa.com
Nilesh M. Sheth, MD
Bay State Martial Arts
  Martial arts training
25-V Olympia Avenue, Woburn, Tel. 781-787-2086
Beacon Homecare
  500 West Cummings Park, S-1300, Woburn, Tel. 857-417-2609
Bedard Medical
  Medical equipment and supplies
10 Tower Office Park, Suite 300, Woburn, Tel: 207-784-3700
Beyond Healthcare Agency
  10 Tower Office Park, S-520, Woburn, Tel. 978-930-9410
A Better You Hypnosis Center
  Hypnosis and hypnosis training
400 West Cummings Park, S-1350, Woburn, Tel. 781-938-7779
Tom Nicoli, BCH
BioRx, LLC
    266 West Cummings Park, Woburn Tel: 978-501-0801
Byrne, Kathleen A.
    Nursing placements
10 Tower Office Park, S-606, Woburn, Tel. 781-938-7070
Calloway Laboratories
  Drug testing
34-L Commerce Way, Woburn, Tel. 781-224-9899
CATZ New England
  64-G Concord Street, Wilmington, Tel. 978-658-4220
Compassionate Care Hospice
  Hospice services
800 West Cummings Park, S-3400, Woburn, Tel. 781-935-5550
Concentra Medical Center
  Outsourced occupational health and medical management
66-B Concord Street, Wilmington, Tel. 978-657-3826
Criterion Child Enrichment
  Developmental programs & services for young children & their families
8-C Henshaw Street, Woburn, Tel. 781-935-3855
Culbert Healthcare Solutions
    800 West Cummings Park, S-6000, Woburn Tel: 781-935-1002
Delight Medicals Inc.
    38 Montvale Avenue, S-G60, Stoneham Tel: 781-435-0570
EdgeLife Healthcare
    21 Cummings Park, Suite 212, Woburn, Tel 508-888-7546
Express Teeth/Teeth Whitening
    21 Cummings Park, S-282, Woburn
First Community Care
  Health care equipment
26 Tower Office Park, Woburn, Tel. 781-937-9988
Firestone Chiropractic & Wellness
  400 West Cummings Park, Suite 5450, Woburn, Tel.781-281-1086
Hallmark Health System
  600 West Cummings Park, S-1750, Woburn
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, dba Health Plans
  Outsourced health plan administration
300 TradeCenter 128, S-2500, Woburn, Tel. 800-987-6151
Health Care Resources
  20 Tower Office Park, Woburn, Tel. 781-933-0700
HealthcareSource HR
  400 TradeCenter, S-3900, Woburn, Tel. 781-256-6222
    60-X Concord Street
Wilmington Tel: 877-777-9973
  Orthotic and prosthetic manufacturing and fitting
400 West Cummings Park, S-4750, Woburn, Tel. 781-239-3331
Sharon Drillio
Ikier Center
  Wellness Center including massage therapy & osteofitness
101 Cambridge Street, S-390, Burlington, Tel. 781-229-1967
Beverley Ikier, RN
Integrated management services/Integrative Health Center of Massachusetts
  101 Cambridge Street, S-101, Cambridge, Tel. 781-328-4488
Jenkyns Physical Therapy
    800 West Cummings Park, S-4650, Woburn Tel: 339-298-2084
Patricia Jenkyns, P.T.
Massachusetts Medical & Physical Therapy
  500 West Cummings Park, S-2100, Woburn, Tel. 617-817-9240
Medical Evaluation Specialists
  Independent medical record reviews
500 West Cummings Park, S-4050, Woburn, Tel. 781-255-0055
Medical Transcription Corp.
  Medical transcription and speech recognition solutions
400 West Cummings Park, S-2350, Woburn, Tel. 781-938-5000
Montvale PET
    41 Montvale Avenue, S-100, Stoneham Tel: 203-263-4917
New Horizons at Choate Medical Center
  Independent and assisted living
23 Warren Avenue, Woburn, Tel. 781-932-8000
North Atlantic Medical Services
  Medical oxygen
150-S New Boston Street, Woburn, Tel. 800-898-5073
Orthopaedics Plus - Burlington
    101 Cambridge Street, S-230, Burlington Tel: 781-229-8011
Pallimed Solutions
  Pharmacy & Custom Compounding
400 West Cummings Park, S-1050, Woburn, Tel. 781-937-3344
Jim Nahill
Passport Health
  Immunization services for international travel
600 West Cummings Park, S-1625, Woburn, Tel. 781-985-4963
Julie Barker, RN
Principal Health

600 West Cummings Park, S-5000, Woburn, Tel. 866-742-3823

ProEx Physical Therapy

300 TradeCenter, Suite 1650, Woburn, Tel. 781-935-2655

PUMPS Fitness & Wellness
  60-D Audubon Road, Wakefield, Tel. 781-245-0677
206 West Cummings Park, Woburn, Tel. 781-932-4123
  300 TradeCenter, S-6540, Woburn, Tel. 800-667-8893
Scope Medical, LLC
  Independent Medical exams, record and film reviews
41 Montvale Avenue, S-150, Stoneham, Tel. 781-438-3335

Siemens Medical Solutions USA

    268 West Cummings Park, Woburn Tel: 781-937-3600
Skin to Soul Massage
    38 Montvale Avenue, S-380
Stoneham Tel: 978-886-5441
Sono Bello
  Diagnostic services for sleep disorders
100 TradeCenter, Suite 575, Woburn, 781-758-8002
Spectra Medical Devices

Non-sterile devices for OEM medical manufacturers
260-H Fordham Road, Wilmington, Tel. 978-657-0889

Supplemental Health Care
  Travel and permanent placement for nurses and therapists
400 TradeCenter, Suite 4890, Woburn, Tel. 781-937-9777
Sunrise Polarity
    38 Montvale Avenue, S-106, Stoneham Tel: 781-789-1134
Supportive Living
  Specialized care and housing for life-long brain injury survivors
400 West Cummings Park, S-6100, Woburn, Tel. 781-937-3199
Carrol Stephens
The May Institute
  Rehabilitation center for children and adults with disabilities
10-R Commerce Way, Woburn, Tel. 781-932-3565
Thom Mystic Valley Early Intervention
  Early intervention developmental services (birth to 3 years old)
10-J Gill Street, Woburn, Tel. 781-932-2888
Anne Marsh
800 West Cummings Park, S-1550, Woburn Tel: 888-447-1807
Trefry, Winston
    38 Montvale Avenue, S-365, Stoneham Tel: 978-998-0524
Colantuoni, J.
UMASS Memorial Medical Laboratories
64-D Concord Street, Wilmington, Tel. 508-334-3764
Thomas Bergan, Director
Visiting Angels
  142-S North Road, Sudbury, Tel. 978-287-2002
VNA Hospice Care
  100 TradeCenter, S-G500, Woburn, Tel. 781-569-2888
WAP Services
  Outsourced occupational health and medical management
800 West Cummings Park, S-5225, Woburn, Tel. 781-376-1806
W. Alan Price
Winchester Hospital Chiropractic Center
  300 TradeCenter 128, S-4460, Woburn, Tel. 781-756-2501
Dr. Lee E. Zohn, DAAPM, CCSP
Dr. Gary M. Kane
Dr. Heidi L. Henrickson, DAACP
Dr. Stephanie Szentmiklosy
Winchester Hospital Collection Station
  Blood drawing and specimen collection
Choate Medical Center, 23 Warren St., S-120, Woburn, Tel. 781-933-4396
Winchester Hospital Home Care Division
    800 West Cummings Park, S-5000, Woburn Tel: 781-756-2501
Winchester Hospital (Laboratory)
    262 West Cummings Park, S-262, Woburn Tel: 781-756-2501
Woburn Family Chiropractic
  Full chiropractic services
20 Cummings Park, Woburn, Tel. 781-938-9400
Michael Pendolino, D.C.
Jin W. Sung, D.C.
Zen Muscular Therapy
  100 TradeCenter, S-725, Woburn, Tel. 781-359-9300
Lease Medical Office Space

With the steadily growing number of Cummings Park physicians, dentists and other medical and healthcare providers, there are more reasons than ever for area workers and residents to seek their medical help right here at Cummings Park.

Please print out and make this comprehensive list available for the convenience of employees in your firm who wish to utilize these care providers for nearby and convenient professional services of all sorts.

And if you are a dentist or a physician, or any other recognized healthcare provider, why not consider joining this fine, friendly community?

More than 3,000 Cummings Park workers and 36,000 other nearby Woburn residents really appreciate the convenience of being able to walk to their appointments.

Lease Boston-area medical and dental space here! Full design and medical build-out can all be included in one low monthly fee. Call now at 781-935-8000, and ask for Erica Wright.

Existing Cummings Park healthcare providers are urged to carefully review their listing herein and either email or call with changes, corrections and updates at any time. Please call Doris Lindsay at 781-932-7066 or email to ops@cummings.com

Beverly Medical City
Cummings Properties LLC, 200 West Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 781-935-8000