Easy travelin'

Live in Boston . . . work in Woburn . . . no problem! Cummings Properties in Woburn is directly served by three MBTA commuter bus routes -- #134, #354, and #355.

Eliminate the hassle and associated high costs of gas and auto maintenance incurred during daily commuting. Opt instead to help the environment by taking alternative public transportation to the greater Cummings Park area in Woburn or TradeCenter 128.


State Street, Boston to West Cummings Park
(Some buses stop in Medford Square.)

Each weekday MBTA bus route 354 makes eight trips from the Washington Mall Station on State Street, Boston to West Cummings Park and beyond. The first six Route 354 buses each day, which leave Boston between 6:35 AM and 8:35 AM, stop in Medford Square, before continuing up I-93 to Cummings Park. The remaining two buses are express runs direct to WCP leaving State Street at 10:15 AM and 11:45AM, with one stop at Montvale Avenue and I-93, serving Cummings clients at 2-14 Henshaw Street.

The six outbound morning buses through Medford Square each morning leave Medford Square for Woburn every 15-30 minutes between 6:44 AM and 8:45 AM. These, too, then travel north on I-93 to the Montvale Avenue exit, and on to West Cummings Park, Woburn Center, Cambridge Street and Burlington.

Inbound, Route 354 buses from West Cummings Park to Boston all originate at Van De Graf Road in Burlington and have stops on Cambridge Street and in Woburn Center before arriving at 400 West Cummings Park. From West Cummings, there are 20 Route 354 buses every weekday to Washington Mall on State Street, Boston.


Mishawum Station (Amtrak) to West Cummings Park

Additionally, Bus Route 355 also visits West Cummings Park on its run between State Street, and Haymarket Square Boston and Woburn's Mishawum Station. This, too, is weekdays only, but its two visits northbound to Mishawum Station can be quite handy for anyone wanting to access Logan Express to the airport, or board the Amtrak "Downeaster" train to Portland, Maine.

Bus 355, as of the June 21, 2008 schedule, leaves 400 West Cummings Park at 6:40 AM and 7:30 AM, arriving Mishawum at 7:01 AM and 7:51 AM, respectively. The reverse runs from Mishawum to Boston presently leave Mishawum Station at 3:30 PM and 5:10 PM on weekdays, and stop off at 400 West Cummings Park about 10 minutes later.

See www.mbta.com for other times and stops for bus, subway, and commuter rail routes.


Wellington Station to TradeCenter 128
via Medford, Winchester, etc.

Bus #134 makes eight weekday only trips directly to TradeCenter 128 from Wellington Station at hourly intervals from 7:10 AM until 2:10 PM, in approximately 45-50 minutes. Note carefully that only the eight 134 buses leaving Wellington Station at 10 minutes after each hour travel directly to TradeCenter 128. (Subsequent buses each day, at 10 minutes past the hour, stop about 1/5 mile from TradeCenter 128 at the Stop & Shop entrance drive.)

Bus #134 also picks up passengers for TradeCenter 128 from Medford at the Riverside Avenue / Fellsway intersection, at about 16 minutes after every hour from 7:16 AM through 2:16 PM.

The next stop for MBTA Route 134 is in Medford Square, at about 28 minutes after every hour, from 7:28 AM through 2:28 PM. This stop is on Salem Street, opposite River Street.

There is still another Medford stop on Winthrop Street at Playstead Road, opposite Oak Grove Cemetery. Leave there for TradeCenter 128 at about 34 minutes after each hour from 7:34 AM to 2:34 PM.

Then, Route 134 typically departs Winchester Center for TC 128 at Laraway Road each weekday at about 38 minutes after each hour, again from 7:38 AM to 2:38 PM.

Finally, pick up Bus 134 in Woburn Square, at the corner of Main Street and Everett Street. Leave Woburn Square at 48 minutes after each hour from 7:48 AM to 2:48 PM.

For the return commute, Bus #134 makes eight inbound trips from TradeCenter 128 each weekday. These buses leave from the marked bus stop on Sylvan Road, at the corner of West Drive. This is just outside the main atrium of 300 TradeCenter, next to Skyworks.

The inbound buses depart from this stop toward the Wellington (Orange Line) station at about 14 minutes after each hour, between 9:14 AM and the last bus at 5:14 PM. The scheduled arrival at Wellington is typically about 45 minutes later, more or less on the hour. There are opportunities to transfer from Route 134 to other destinations, including Lechmere Station and State Street, Boston, at Playstead Road, and Medford Square.

Download a complete June 21, 2008 schedule for MBTA Bus Route 134, or go to www.mbta.com/schedules_and_maps/bus/routes/?route=134.