Middlesex Superior Court


Approximately 150,000 square feet of office space at Trade Center 128 has been leased to Middlesex Superior Court for five years, while the State completely rebuilds the Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse in Cambridge.

Any community in any state is typically delighted when presented with the opportunity to host a courthouse or other significant government entity. In addition to the prestige and community pride, a large operating courthouse like this will inject many hundreds of thousands of dollars each year into the local economy.

This economic gain will come not only through the creation of new local jobs, but also through significant added revenue for area hotels, restaurants and other local services. One very unusual difference in this situation is that, unlike state-owned facilities, this courthouse building will be fully taxable to the city of Woburn.

As a direct result of the Court's presence, Cummings' staff expect that both Trade Center Park and the entire neighborhood will soon be served with direct MBTA bus service. Ride-sharing services will also be organized to facilitate easy, dependable access to the site for jurors, justices, and attorneys, as well as other court staff and the general public. For neighborhood convenience the developers will add a paved walkway from the edge of the site on Pearl Street to a covered bus stop in front of the Courthouse.