MIT Alumni Profile Ad Series
  BioTrove, Inc.

“Cummings Properties converted a 20,000 square foot office space to a top of the line, fully functional biotech facility in just 60 days. It was unbelievable how quickly the construction was completed. As a result, we experienced no down time as we moved into 12 Gill Street.”

Colin Brenan, Ph.D.
President and C.E.O.

BioTrove is an early stage biotech company commecializing micro and nanotechnology for applications in genomics, genetics and drug discovery. The company moved from Cambridge, MA, where it was founded by five scientists from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT
  Boston Microsystems

“Cummings Properties is the perfect alternative to Cambridge. More desirable rates, a quick and professional buildout and unparalleled service more than satisfied our leasing needs.”

Dr. Richard Mlcak
Doctor of Science
MIT, 1994

Boston MicroSystems provides robust, miniaturized sensor platforms to meet today’s demanding detection needs. Their technologies enable a portfolio of highly stable, harsh environment compatible microsensors that are optimized for environmental monitoring, personnel safety, homeland defense, industrial process control, and quality control applications.
Brontes Technologies

“Cummings Properties were very responsive to a reference from the MIT Venture Mentoring Center and provided us with a flexible start-up-friendly real estate deal.”

Brontes Technologies has pioneered a new form of 3D imaging based on Active Wavefront Sampling (AWS). The AWS technique enables both high-accuracy and high-speed 3D imaging with a single lens device.

Brontes’ patented technology, developed over the past four years at MIT, has generated significant interest from leaders in both industry and academia. Brontes was a Finalist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 50K Competition, a recipient of the prestigious Deshpande Center grant at MIT, and now has its growing corporate headquarters at 400 West Cummings Park in Woburn.

Lilliputian Systems, Inc.

“ As a start-up firm, we needed a small centrally located office and lab available for immediate occupancy. We also needed the option of expanding the facility. Very few real estate firms have all the in-house capabilities to provide this product, but Cummings Properties’ Emerging Technology Centers were a perfect fit.”

Aleksander Franz

Lilliputian Systems, Inc. is developing a next generation micro fuel cell system for portable electronics and wireless applications. These fuel cells can provide a significantly longer run time than traditional batteries and are environmentally friendly. The company employs a proprietary MEMS-based technology developed by the founders at the world-class Microsystems Technology Laboratories at MIT.
Natural Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“Cummings Center has attracted a mini-cluster of biotech and pharmaceutical companies which in turn has attracted a range of professional services that was very attractive to us.”

Roland R. Franke, Ph.D.
Co-Chief Executive Officer
M.S./MBA from the Sloan School of Management,
MIT, 1995

Natural Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NPI) produces a dependable supply of high-purity, semi-synthetic paclitaxel at competitive prices for the global market. Additionally, NPI provides customers with technical, regulatory, and analytical support.

“Cummings was an easy choice. They are one of the only firms in the Boston area offering high quality lab space in sizes that start-ups like ours can afford.”

Todd Zion,
President & CEO, MIT Ph.D. candidate

SmartCells, winner of the 2003 MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition, has developed a polymer-based dosing technology for auto-regulating the release of a therapeutic based on the plasma concentration of a molecular indicator. Its lead application, SmartInsulin for diabetes, has a market potential of over $5 billion. The team includes a tenured professor and Ph.D. candidate from MIT’s Chemical Engineering department (the founders) and two world-renowned diabetes experts (scientific advisors).