Alternative Energy - Solar, Wind, Hydro
and Tidal Power Energy Production

Cummings Properties has roof space and land available to lease or for power purchase agreements (PPA) for solar, wind, hydro and tidal power projects.

Solar Power


Cummings Properties completed construction of a 250KW solar Photovoltaic (PV) project at TradeCenter 128 and 8 Cabot Road in Woburn, MA. We partnered with Canadian Solar, Schuco, Solectria Renewables, Unirac & Panel Claw, and Munro Distributing and have received grants from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. Cummings Properties has more than 10 million square feet of commercial real estate with significant roof space for potential solar projects. Our properties also include space for potential ground-mounted systems.

Wind Power
Cummings Properties owns and operates buildings with significant wind resources in high visibility areas, and is currently monitoring for average wind speeds. Cummings is looking for partners seeking to own and operate wind turbines for electricity generation in prominent highway or coastal locations in eastern Massachusetts.

Tidal Power - Hydro Power Generation
Cummings Properties owns an ideal location for both micro-tidal or hydro power with an existing salt water weir. The beginning of the Bass River tidal estuary is situated on the southwest corner of the Cummings Center property in Beverly, MA. Cummings Properties is exploring the potential for tidal power generation in an existing drainage channel in this location. The property also includes two mill ponds from the site's former operation in the early 1900s. The original tidal grist mill on this historic site operated was first approved by the Salem Town Council in 1645 and then operated as Friend's Mill until 1890.

Cummings Properties owns and operates more than 80 large and very large commercial buildings in Boston's northern suburbs, in both NSTAR and National Grid territory. Our facilities include significant electrical infrastructure suitable for large alternative energy installations.

Cummings Properties, a supplier of first-class suburban Boston office space, supports the Massachusetts Green Communities Act that calls for meeting at least 20 percent of the Commonwealth's electric load with clean renewable sources of energy by 2020.

Letter from the Secretary of Energy

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