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In major news for the region's clean tech community, Alsym Energy, headquartered at 82 Cummings Park in Woburn, just announced a $78 million funding round jointly led by Tata Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons), and General Catalyst, a global venture capital firm. 

The fast-growing battery innovators emerged from stealth mode in 2022. Alsym is developing next-generation non-flammable rechargeable batteries for stationary storage, marine, and mobility applications. The company will use the investments to grow its team and expand manufacturing capability in order to meet increasing demand for customer samples.

By eliminating the reliance on lithium, Alsym's batteries not only promise enhanced performance but also address environmental concerns associated with lithium mining and disposal, making them a sustainable choice for a wide range of applications. As noted in the company's press release, the new funding highlights the growing investor interest in high-performance, inexpensive non-flammable battery technologies.

“As the clean energy transition accelerates, it’s becoming more apparent that a single battery technology is not ideal for every use case, and that more options are needed to help address the challenges of a changing climate."

Mukesh Chatter

CEO and Co-Founder, Alsym Energy

Read more about Alsym Energy and its new funding in Friday's Boston Globe, VentureBeat and TechCrunch:

"Woburn-based battery maker raises $78 million"

Photo credit: Barry Chin, Boston Globe

"Alsym Energy raises $78M to make batteries that don’t use lithium"

"Alsym wants to ‘light up homes for a billion people’ with its new battery"

Bill Cummings enjoyed a visit with Mukesh Chatter during a team outing at Cummings Park in 2022.

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