175-E New Boston Street, Woburn – 3,600 SF
Coming September 2022
  • Vivarium with procedure and holding rooms
  • Includes epoxy flooring and dedicated HVAC system with pressure controls
  • 100 kW generator
  • Metal casework, resin countertops, plastic laminate reagent shelves
  • Private loading dock
  • 6' chemical fume hood with airflow alarm
  • Lab plumbing system has floor drains, utility sinks, and Ph adjustment tanks
  • Process piping and gas manifold
  • RO/DI water system
  • 100% outside air in lab areas
  • DriSteem humidifier
Life Sciences Neighbors
Woburn's thriving life sciences cluster is home to dozens of up-and-coming and well established life sciences and technology firms, including:
Local Dining and Amenities
Woburn is a bustling business community with many amenities and appealing dining options, both within Cummings Park and in the surrounding area. The new Woburn Village lifestyle center offers shopping and eateries, and Lord Hobo brewery is just a few minutes from the Cummings campus.
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