Consider management capabilities
How important is property management
for mission-critical firms?

Unfortunately, building emergencies of all sorts will from time to time affect Cummings buildings, as they will all other properties. Major snowstorms, hurricanes, civil disruptions, fires, utility outages, and traffic nightmares are just a few of the things that come first to mind. These could all represent major threats to even the survivability of many businesses.

Unlike the vast majority of other property owners/managers, however, Cummings Properties has an unrivaled staff of onsite professionals to deal with everyday issues, as well as the occasional blockbuster problems which will invariably come along. Cummings' 310-person full-time staff, across the board, has more than 2,000 years of cumulative experience with this firm alone! And that experience can have enormous value.


Cummings also has a vast array of onsite company-owned emergency equipment to help it in handling all sorts of issues. More importantly, it has a powerful on-duty team of highly experienced operators, plumbers, electricians, engineers, etc., who are prepared and ready to use this equipment in all sorts of emergencies.

For most ordinary businesses, working with a strong, experienced property management firm like Cummings Properties may be only a convenience. For other more sophisticated lessees with mission-critical needs, however, external threats to the operation of their businesses can simply not be tolerated. These firms absolutely must operate in buildings and in facilities where "normal" service can be quickly restored - even following a disaster.

Property must also be well and responsibly insured, and the day-to-day management team needs to be extraordinarily effective in dealing with the after-effects of building emergencies, which must to some extent be expected at any time. What mission-critical firm can afford the risk of leasing space from absentee owners, who can sometimes take weeks just to put a lease together, and often have no concept, whatsoever, of how to put buildings together?

Among its more than 2,000 client firms, Cummings has numerous clients who think of themselves as "tenants for life," - firms who have hugely benefited at some time over the years from the company's extraordinarily competent support staff in all sorts of very challenging situations. We strongly encourage prospective tenants to inquire about the added value that truly effective management brings to the table.

In emergency situations, the real estate management team of any property is always one of the first lines of protection. It must also have the raw ability to be the principal steward of recovery.

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