Snow? We’re Open for Business!

The history of the Cummings Properties Snow Team

Timely snow removal has been a central tenet of Cummings Properties' property management philosophy since the company's inception. Company lore holds that during the blizzard of '78, as local roads and highways were still closed and impassable, Cummings parking areas were clear and ready for business. This focus on customer service continues to this day; even after parking lots are initially cleared, snow removal operations continue after hours in preparation for the next storm.

The Cummings Snow Team is an auxiliary corps that includes many members of Cummings Properties' construction crews. The ranks include carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and construction managers, who set aside their usual roles to become plow drivers, spotters, heavy equipment operators, and mechanics. The hard work and coordinated activities yield a loyal team with strong camaraderie. The core group is supplemented by subcontractors under the direction of Cummings Properties' field management.

Planning and preparation serves Cummings well

Planning for the snow removal season begins well before the first flakes fall. New team members are trained and assignments, schedules, and procedures are reviewed. Equipment is prepared for grueling winter conditions. Mountains of salt and sand are stockpiled for the season.

As cold weather arrives, managers evaluate weather forecasts and parking situations daily, always on the watch for dangerous conditions. Property managers alert clients to parking alternatives and restrictions prior to the arrival of inclement weather. Overnight dispatchers coordinate with roving field managers, assigning resources as needed. Like a racing pit crew, teams of mechanics in two maintenance garages repair equipment on the fly.

Make way for snow plows!

Orchestrating the relocation of cars prior to plowing is key to efficiently clearing lots. Dedicated snow-parking areas provide alternatives away from active plowing, while a growing number of garages provide further convenient parking sheltered from the elements. A side benefit of the solar arrays built atop many Cummings garages is the reduced snow accumulation on upper parking decks.


After the mechanized divisions of snow machines remove the bulk of the snow, squads of shovelers and sanders disperse throughout our properties to mop up sidewalks and building entries.

Planning for snow removal extends to the design of new properties and buildings. Parking lots are laid out with consideration for efficient snowplow operations, and parking garages are screened to block the prevailing winter wind-driven snow.

Maintaining the fleet

The team operates a fleet of nearly 60 snow removal vehicles, including snowplows, dump trucks, frontend loaders, backhoes, and maintenance vehicles. A set of specialized truck-mounted airport snow blowers chews through the tallest drifts and helps transfer snow after hours.

Cummings takes particular pride in maintaining a fleet of vintage plows and airport snow blowers. The older equipment is simple and built to last, and our top-notch mechanics have the skills and the parts to keep these classics running for years to come.

The vintage fleet includes:

1948 Auto Car - This 6-wheel, 5-speed truck is powered by a Cummins 220 diesel engine and was originally a fifth-wheel truck before being converted to a dump truck. One of the first two vehicles in the Cummings fleet, this truck has both hauled material and plowed snow over the past 30-plus years and is still active today.

1968 R1200A “SnoBlaster” - This twin-engined behemoth features a Cummins 160 diesel front engine that drives the machine and a Cummins 165 diesel rear engine that drives the blower. This truly extraordinary piece of equipment will move mountains of snow in a short time. It formerly served at a Maine airport.

1968 Sicard Jr. Snow Master - Another twin-engine snow blower, the front engine is a 6-cylinder Chrysler industrial flathead gasoline engine that powers the drive wheels, while a Cummins 250 diesel rear engine runs the auger.

1970 Walter Snow Fighter - This former highway plow is powered by a 300-horsepower GV53 Detroit Diesel engine. An Allison automatic transmission powers all wheels. It features an 11' front plow, two 10' wing blades, and a belly plow. An integral sander diversifies the machine's capability.

1973 Sno Go Bombardier Sidewalk Plow - This Canadian-made tracked vehicle is driven by a 6-cylinder Chrysler flathead industrial gas engine.

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"Cummings Properties takes a great deal of pride in its staff, and the Snow Team is no exception. We consider prompt snow removal to be one of our most important obligations to client firms."

Dennis Clarke,
Cummings Properties President/CEO

“I just want to pass along what an incredible job Cummings did plowing the parking lots.  After this kind of storm, I expected a fair amount of the lot to be in rough shape, but I got here at 7:45 this morning and the entire lot was spotless with all parking spots available for use.”

“As a small business who needs access to my suite, and to come and go as needed, this was great.  Where I was before, half the lot would have been full of snow and at least a third of the spots unusable for at least two weeks.”

Scott Bostley
Benefit Strategy Partners LLC

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The Woburn-based Snow Team

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The Cummings Center, Beverly Snow Team

Woburn-based artist Paul Devine drew inspiration from the fleet for this series of Snow Team sketches he created. steel erection

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