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2005 Cummings Properties Awards
 MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge -
 Igniting Massachusett's Clean Energy Future Competition

Advanced Conductors

$25,000 Cummings Properties Award winner

Advanced Conductors provides equipment and processes for the vapor-phase deposition of conducting polymers to manufacturers in the emerging organic semiconductor market. Its coating technology will enable gains in the efficiency, lifetime, and production cost of new energy-saving devices including organic LEDs for general lighting, flexible displays, plastic solar cells, and electrochromic films for dynamically tinting glass.



$10,000 Cummings Properties Award winner

LiquidPiston is developing a new internal combustion engine that is projected to double fuel efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions by 70-90 percent, when compared to conventional engines. The LiquidPiston engine is inherently scalable from lawnmowers to locomotives, providing a platform that can compete in any segment of the combustion engine market.


PowerHouse Enterprises

$10,000 Cummings Properties Award winner

PowerHouse Enterprises is the first high-style, high-performance, green modular homebuilder/developer in the region. Harnessing factory efficiencies, PowerHouse can profitably combine high-quality construction with enhanced energy-efficiency features to create stylish architect-designed, healthy homes that arrive on time, on budget, and are competitively priced for the developer or private homebuyer.

 MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition


$50,000 Cummings Properties Award winner

Balico will develop and commercialize a wearable vibrotactile balance aid that accurately senses and displays body tilt in order to help prevent falls.


Vacuum Excavation Technologies

$25,000 Cummings Properties Award winner

The top ten feet of soil are densely packed with utility wires, gas mains and sewer pipes whose location is often poorly mapped. Excavation with traditional backhoes damages utilities and puts operators at risk for catastrophic injury. Vacuum Excavation Technologies offers a new excavation device that works with existing machinery to enable efficient operation without risk to utilities or operators.


Nanocell Power

$25,000 Cummings Properties Award winner

Nanocell Power's technology enables the viability of fuel cells for portable electronics today and paves the way for tomorrow's automotive fuel cell market. Our patented manufacturing process provides more efficient distribution of expensive catalyst and carbon nanofibers in the fuel cell membrane. This can decrease the size of fuel cells in portable electronics by 80%, increase the power output of military fuel cells by 400%, or cut the cost of automotive fuel cells to 20% that of today's technology.

 Business Plan Competition at the
 Center for Technology Management Innovation Fest 2005

Ritmo Latino

$25,000 Cummings Properties Award winner

Ritmo Latino plan to introduce the first FM Spanish radio station to the Greater Boston area.