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Thank you for your interest in establishing reciprocal business links on your website with Cummings Properties. These links provide mutual benefits including business referrals, better search engine placement, exposure to diverse audiences, etc. Cummings maintains a special section on cummings.com highlighting firms with whom we do business and actively promotes this resource through tenant mailings, newsletters and regular email updates.

Inclusion of a Cummings link on your website can be done in a variety of ways. The cummings.com site could be included in your own business links section, referenced through a highlighted address (especially if you lease at a Cummings location) or be linked simply via a graphic logo included in some appropriate spot on your site. Following is a data reference for establishing this mutual linkage.

If you have any questions or need help in establishing a link please do not hesitate to contact us at grafix@cummings.com or speak directly to our webmaster, Michael Lamothe at 781-935-8000.


To add Cummings Properties' link to your website incorporate one or more of these items on your site:

A.) Cummings Properties' website - http://www.cummings.com

B.) Cummings Properties' company description:

Cummings.com - Cummings Properties provides first-class office, lab, R&D and warehouse space in 10 greater Boston communities. In-house leasing, design, construction, financing and property management teams enable one-stop shopping for virtually any commercial real estate need. Full-service lease rates start at just $9.95 per square foot.

C.) Cummings Properties' logo graphic:



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