New Horizons Retirement Communities

Independent and assisted living in a warm, friendly community


This section describes both New Horizons (not-for-profit) retirement communities developed by Cummings Properties. New Horizons in Marlborough is located just north of U.S. Route 20 in a beautiful country setting at the end of Wilson Street, in Marlborough, Massachusetts. New Horizons at Choate is near historic Horn Pond at 21 Warren Avenue in Woburn, Massachusetts. New Horizons in Woburn typically has a waiting list of about one year. The recently enlarged Marlborough residence typically has only a very short waiting list, or none at all.


Just about everyone looks forward to retirement as a time to relax and enjoy life. Often, though, we get too consumed by daily responsibilities to fully relish the leisure time we've worked so hard to gain. That's where New Horizons can make quite a difference.


Wonderful senior living at non-denominational New Horizons offers the perfect blend of luxury, convenience, flexibility, and personal services. Many seniors at both of these fine suburban Boston communities find that their independence increases after moving in, because New Horizons takes care of all those burdensome, time-consuming responsibilities. That allows residents to live life to their fullest!

Luxurious, active and carefree senior living


New Horizons living means spacious private apartments (no two are identical) which become residents' individual, unique homes. Decorate with your own furnishings and style. Welcome family and friends as you like. Come and go as you please!

Enjoy three gourmet meals in elegant dining rooms, and share lots of social and recreational activities with warm, interesting neighbors. Just leave the cooking, cleaning, utilities, transportation, taxes, maintenance, and snow shoveling to New Horizons. You have more important things to do!


There are always stimulating health programs and workshops, crafts, bridge and poker clubs, indoor and outdoor gardening, 24-hour front desk service, several well-stocked libraries, and on-site health facilities and religious services, as well as intergenerational programs, cultural events, local and Boston area excursions, cocktail parties, and so much more. Do as much or as little as you want. This is your home.

Individualized independent
and assisted living

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Both not-for-profit New Horizons retirement communities offer a unique combination of independent and assisted living arrangements, with ready access to wide varieties of medical and social services. Through constant attention to the needs of residents, New Horizons provides warm, comfortable, completely private living spaces for those who will live independently. They also provide that same personalized support for those who may need assistance.


Each New Horizons offers both independent and assisted living on beautifully landscaped grounds. Each lovely studio, one, or two bedroom well-lit apartment includes an oversized private bathroom, mini-kitchenette, cable TV and telephone hookups, in-suite emergency call system, individually controlled heating and air conditioning, and more.

Some suites even feature skylights, private patios, and walk-in closets. Residents' comfort and convenience are of utmost importance, because your home should make you happy.

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We could not begin to include here all the wonderful things that happen for residents living at New Horizons retirement communities. They're just very special places where very special people share dignified, refined, and friendly living.

Come visit - you should feel right at home


If you feel ready to regain your independence, and would like to join us for lunch or dinner, please call (Marlborough: 508-460-5000 or Woburn: 781-932-8000). We would be delighted to welcome you and show you why New Horizons really is home.

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New residents of New Horizons - and for that matter all of the other high quality assisted living communities that we knew of - very often demonstrate greatly renewed zest for life within a matter of months. This joie de vivre is particularly noticeable for residents who have lived alone for some time before coming to New Horizons. Very commonly, residents themselves say, "I'm so happy! I wish I had come here years ago!"


When convenient, prospective residents or their families often try to spend some time socializing at New Horizons before deciding about moving in. Come meet and chat with a few of the current residents in the cheerful lounges.  Get their opinions about the advantages they enjoy from living at New Horizons.  There are so many!


All residents at New Horizons have many choices of dining hours and lots of selections for entrees and side dishes, as well. Guests are always welcome to stop by for a delicious home cooked meal any day of the week.

Resident suites include mini-kitchenettes for those who like to keep snacks in their personal refrigerator, or who might enjoy a cup of tea or hot soup before retiring. New Horizons also has full-sized homestyle kitchens available for those who might occasionally want to bake cookies, or teach a grandchild how to make Grandma's favorite spaghetti sauce or... Grandpa's Five-Alarm Chili!

Becoming a New Horizons resident


Before a new resident moves in, there are some simple forms to sign.  There are no long-term leases. All residents complete a Residence Agreement, however, which may be cancelled by the resident at any time with two months' written notice, or immediately following a resident's passing.

Although monthly fees for residents are normally adjusted in proportion to cost-of-living changes in the Consumer Price Index, both New Horizons residences are presently offering all new residents a guarantee of no increases of any sort in their basic monthly fee, for at least the first five years of residency! We are aware of no other community anywhere in New England that offers this very unusual rate guarantee.

Hearthstone Alzheimer Care

Hearthstone Alzheimer Care, Inc. is a prominent, internationally-known firm which provides care for people with Alzheimers disease in several states. It operates divisions at both Woburn and Marlborough New Horizons. Occasionally, when the need arrises, residents transfer from New Horizons to the Hearthstone residence - typically in a relatively seamless transition.

New Horizons provides meals for Hearthstone residents and, of course, provides the residents' suites. It does not in any way, however, supervise or direct Hearthstone management or caregivers.


Dr. John Ziesel, recognized as a pioneer in the Alzheimer treatment field, runs the Hearthstone programs. The main phone number of its executive offices in Lexington, MA is 781-674-2884.

New Horizons at Choate, LLC
21 Warren Ave.,
Woburn, MA 01801
New Horizons at Marlborough, LLC
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